CS Athletic Starter Kit - 2019

CS Shoes is offering FREE starter kits at no cost to qualified gym owners who are seriously considering ordering shoes for their upcoming season.

During this process it is important to stay engaged with us via e-mail, confirm when you receive your kit, and provide any constructive feedback you might have.

Turn Around is Approximately TWO WEEKS!

Limited Availability! 

Apply for Your Kit NOW!

The struggle is real!

You want your athletes to have NEW custom cheer shoes....

But maybe you've been burned by other companies before?

So you start to wonder...

  • What do these new cheer shoes feel like? 

  • How do they REALLY look in person?

  • Will my athletes like them?

  • Can they hold up throughout the cheer season?

That's why we are GIVING AWAY a limited number of FREE Cheer Shoe Starter Kits to QUALIFIED gyms!

That's right! 

You will get 3 Pairs of Cheer Shoes and 3 Custom Shoe Cases FOR FREE!

By now you are thinking....

That sounds great....

But what's the catch?  

There are NO catches and NO strings attached

We believe that qualified gyms should be able to test a product before they commit to buying them.


Answer the questions below to see if you are qualified!

  • Do you have a minimum of 25 competitive athletes?

  • Does your gym have an online prescence: Website, Instagram, or Facebook?

  • Do you intend to purchase new cheer shoes in the 2019 cheer season?

  • Are you commited to staying in touch after delivery to provide pictures and feedback on your kit? 

Did you answer YES to all of the above?

Then you are qualified!

Click the button below to request your FREE starter kit!

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